Specialty Machining  


Since 1972

    If you’re searching for someone to do what others have told you can’t be done, you’re @ the right place.  I specialize in working with steel alloys, gears, splines, mating of steel alloys & heat treating; in addition to all general machine work.

    My Dad (Wayne) started this shop in 1972 to meet the needs of customers who want innovative solutions, improved materials & accurate work, for broken & worn parts.  I began working with him as a youngster, but started working full time with him in 1990, as his first partner retired.

    My desire is to make a living & provide excellent results for my customers’ problems, which will enable them to succeed & do even better.

    Although we were a partnership for 32 years, I have been the sole proprietor since 2005; with God’s direction & leading.

    May the LORD bless you by me, & as you seek him.

With God;

all things are possible!

Mobile Phone:  509-747-1481


8012 W Geiger Boulevard

Spokane, WA  99224

E-Mail:  denali.alyeska@reagan.com